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Award winning instructor

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Submitted July 21 2012

I am the President and Recreation Director for Gold Ridge Forest POA in Pollock Pines, CA.  We are a 627 home site association with two pools.  One is 140,000 GA and the other is 40,000 GA.  Our season is very short; end of May through Mid Sept., so our members really look forward to using our pools.

I have worked with Armando since 2006, when I became a member of the board of directors.  Most recently, starting last Friday, we have had a major problem with the larger pool becoming very cloudy (at the end of the 90 degree weather we just had).  I have literally been on the phone with Armando for his help and advise to rectify the problem every day since then as we have had to close the pool and it has been closed through today.  This is a big deal!  He was at our facility yesterday from 11AM to 3PM, testing water, assessing what chems to add and then putting on a water chemistry class for our pool attendants.  He has worked diligently with me to get us up and running.  Tonight, I think we may be back in business!

To sum it up, Your company is lucky and should be proud to have such a dedicated person representing them.

His dedication and support has been much appreciated by myself and our staff and this has been the case since we first started doing business with him.

Pat Scroggins

Pollock Pines Ca.

Student Evaluation


Carson City, Nevada

Student Evaluation


San Francisco Ca.

Student Update (Took class in June of 2013)

Hi Armando,

How have you been?  All is going well here.  There is talk of getting our pool being renovated which is exciting for me I would love for the pool to get more attention and use (so that I can get the credit!) Also last Monday I was offered the Building Service Engineer position I set out three years ago to achieve.  I would like to thank you for your support.  Management has been really impressed with the quality of the pool since I took it over.  The next time your in my area let me know I would like to take you to lunch and catch up.  Take care I look forward to hearing from you soon and once again thank you for being a part of my journey to a career and not just another job!


Francisco Tejada

Stanislaus State University

Facilities Services

Central Plant


Modesto Ca.

Student Evaluation En Espanol

Submitted 12-9-14

Sacramento Ca