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CPO classes presented by Armando Esparza

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Offering courses throughout California & Western Nevada.


National Swimming Pool Foundations Certified Pool operator course



Aquatic Facility Consultation                                         

Would you like an impartial opinion regarding a product or service. I'm not sponsored by any pool manufacture or distributor in the swimming pool industry.

E-mail or call the details of the project you or involved in to armandoesparza@affordablecpo.onmicrosoft.com 570.359.4682 to receive a quote.

Where travel is required or overnight stay is required the costs will be included in the quote.

Hourly consultation or on site training services $85.00 per hour.

Four hour minimum outside of the greater Sacramento region.




Daily Per Diem

Cost of meals and lodging based on US general services administration standards.

Airfare and or Rental car
Type of service required
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